Public Infrastructure

When it comes to completing fast-track public infrastructure projects safely, on-time and on-budget, Miller Bros. Const., Inc. is one of the best in the business. Our fleet of advanced technology equipment, highly-trained workforce and extensive experience make us a valuable partner.

We are public infrastructure experts in:

  • Mass earthwork
  • Excavation
  • Embankments
  • Remediation
  • Bridgework
  • Topsoil placement
  • Asphalt paving
  • Steel Sheetng/Pile Driving
  • Sound Walls

With public infrastructure projects, safety matters long after our crews leave the site. Excellent detail management and craftsmanship are always important, but never more so than when we are entrusted with the roadways and bridges community members count on every day.

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Public Infrastructure Projects

ODOT: Interstate 75 Widening in Hancock & Wood Counties

  • Approximately 400,000 sy of pavement removal
  • 150,000 cy of excavation and embankment
  • 500,000 sy of soil stabilization
  • Over 200,000 tons of aggregate base
  • 500,000 tons of asphalt

ODOT selected MBC to design/build this project, which included widening I-75 from two lanes to three, as well as rehab and replacement of structures over the Norfolk Southern Railroad, Eagleville Road and two locations over Rocky Ford Creek. Soil stabilization presented various challenges due to differing soil types and conditions. MBC lead communication and planning efforts with both the owner and subcontractor to find cost effective solutions that prevented delays.

ODOT: Interstate 475 Improvements, Reconstruction and Widening in Lucas County

  • 7,000 cy of concrete
  • 3 million lbs. of reinforcing steel
  • 20,000 lf of steel h-piles
  • 425,000 pounds of sheet piling

This project required several 90-day and 120-day closures of various side roads and on/off ramps. Due to excellent planning and scheduling, all closures opened on-time or ahead of schedule. MBC presented a value engineering proposal to use an alternate underdrain installation when repairing the existing embankment, which provided a cost savings on the project. This was the first time the specific installation method was used in the state of Ohio.

ODOT: Interstate 475 & Central Ave. Reconstruction and Widening in Lucas County

  • 50,000 cy of material imported and placed in a 10-week window
  • Construction of first single point urban interchange in northwest Ohio

The original interchange was one of the busiest in the Toledo area, making traffic flow a high priority on this project. With the requirement of building the new interchange within the existing infields of the current on/off ramps, importing embankment while maintaining traffic flow was a big challenge. Field crews and project managers worked together to import and place approximately 150,000 cy of material within a 10-week window. This kept the project on schedule, despite an ODOT delay that pushed back the project’s start date by three weeks.

ODOT: Henry County SR 109 Bridge Replacement

  • 1,476’ long and 44’ wide
  • 5,000 cy of concrete
  • 1.1 million lbs. of reinforcing steel
  • 72 concrete I-beams
  • 36,000 cy of earthwork

Crews removed the existing bridge and roadway, constructing a new 12-span, prestressed bridge on new alignment over the Maumee River. The experienced team at the job site also handled full-depth pavement, pavement planning and resurfacing, roadside grading, guardrail, sewer system and traffic control. In order to access the bridge substructure units, we took the innovative approach of constructing an aggregate causeway in the Maumee River, using approximately 40,000 tons of sized aggregate.

ODOT: Henry County SR 24/424 Stone Arches

  • Rehabilitation of 8 existing stone arches that were built in the 1840s as part of the Miami-Erie Canal
  • Installation of cofferdams, fluming and pumping

Portions of the existing structure were removed, and existing stone blocks on the arch barrels, arch rings, headwalls and wingwalls were reconstructed or repaired.  To alleviate pressure on the stone walls, our team used mechanically-stabilized earth walls in the backfill areas.

Differing site conditions posed a challenge, but we overcame it by completely redesigning two of the arches and re-lining the arch barrels with corrugated metal pipe. Despite several flood events that required repairs to the cofferdams, MBC worked

ODOT: USR 24 Fort-to-Port

  • 59.2 Lane Miles of New Pavement
  • 1,825,620 ft Wick Drains
  • 175,000 Sand Blanket
  • 4,400,870 cy Embankment
  • 146,280 ft Storm Sewer (4 in. – 120 in.)
  • 1,145,850 sy Cement Stabilized Subgrade
  • 872,100 sy Asphalt Pavement
  • 500,950 sy 11.5 in. Concrete Pavement

SR 49 Defiance Co

  • Remove & Replace Roadway and Culvert in an Existing Peat Bog
  • Project was Completely Redesigned During Construction Due to Unstable Soils
  • 18,700 cy of Peat Excavated and Granular Fill Placed
  • 90 lf of 66 in. Culvert with Headwalls Installed
  • 40,950 sf of Sheet Piling Left in Place

SR 2 Airport Highway: Reconstruct roadway from 2 lanes to 5 lanes

  • $11,700,000 Project (2 years)
  • 18,450 ft Storm Sewer (6 in. – 66 in.)
  • 4,200 ft Waterline (12 in.)
  • 44,750 cy of Excavation
  • 73,100 sy Lime Stabilized Subgrade
  • 73,100 sy Full Depth Asphalt Pavement
  • Signalization, Signing, Striping

Hallett Ave, Village of Swanton: Grade Separation over N&S Railroad


  • 6,930 ft Storm Sewer (4 in. – 42 in.)
  • 3,150 ft Waterline (12″)
  • 46,000 ft Wick Drains
  • 20,600 cy Sand Blanket
  • 119,700 cy Embankment
  • 24,170 sy New Pavement


  • 6,600 sf MSE Walls
  • 4,200 ft 12 in. & 14 in. Tube Piles
  • 365,685 LBS Structural Steel, Level 4
  • 950 cy QC/QA Bridge Concrete

I-75 Widening: Hancock and Wood Counties

I-475/Central Ave. Intersection

Bancroft Bridge Replacement Cot

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